Kapilan pans Arul - 11.02.2019

செய்தித்தாள் கட்டுரைகள்|

Kapilan pans Arul

Smiles of his are Koel's warbles,

Shoot of Crescent is his handsome look,

Peacock's fantails are his hairstyles,

Not got for Mal's show room price

Summer Sun can't blacken him,

Stars he scoops to make a Moon,

Sends Tamil to tongues abroad,

Seasoned in State's Varsity,

Saiva Pillai, shunning meat and all,

Son of choice prose and poetry chaste,

Striped tiger, not crossed Zebra,

Adopted totes by muppaal,

Grandson to Grandsire Knowledge,

Tamil feed never stale, Kampan's pic,

Cane Saccharum with no joints,

-- Shall I, Kapilan, sing Arul thus!

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